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My Practice Approach

I am committed to an ongoing process of self-examination and self-reflection to be aware of and understand my cultural kaleidoscope of evolving lenses through which I view my world and the cultural kaleidoscopes of others I encounter.

My multi-faceted spiritual views and values take my key personal values of integrity, inner harmony and intimacy and meld them with my central spiritual views of the divine nature in all human beings, impermanence, and interconnectedness.

These personal values and spiritual views seamlessly integrate into my professional therapeutic perspectives of congruence, empathy for a common goal with clients for freedom from psychological distress, and unconditional positive regard.

Knowing that each client is unique with a unique set of issues, values and perspectives, my diverse spiritual worldview opens my capacity to accept clients just as they are while offering myself as a non-judgemental, authentic presence to them in the therapeutic relationship. 

In my spiritually integrated therapy practice, I use a holistic therapeutic approach (mind - body - spirit) with relational mindfulness that is foundationally based in compassion-focused, person-centred therapy and layered with other types of therapy as applicable. I work from an emotion-focused, trauma-informed, anti-oppressive, culturally sensitive perspective to understand and be respectful of the external conditions and environmental factors contributing to the states of each client’s whole self.

I have experience working with a variety of mental health and life challenges with people from diverse cultural and spiritual backgrounds. I work in a collaborative and proficient way with each client to find a treatment plan to address your unique issues while caring for your whole person and well-being. 

My therapy practice is focused on serving all residents of Ontario, especially members of the Black, Indigenous and People of Colour (BIPOC) communities.


Let's work together to co-create a path to your more empowered authentic self!