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My Story

Over my career, I have worked in full service public accounting and law firms, a variety of not-for-profit organizations, as well as government-funded and regulated organizations in health care, higher education, and public safety. I am familiar with how these different types of organizations function from personal lived experience.

Like a butterfly moving from flower to flower, I gathered valuable pollens of information and insight from each organization and industry I participated in.  This career journey widened the kaleidoscope of colourful perspectives through which I looked at life situations and relationships. As a result, I bring enriching dialogue, respected perspectives and mindful understandings to each new opportunity and encounter.

I have over twenty years of experience building relationships, asking engaging questions, and supporting people from diverse backgrounds to learn, grow and shine.

Education has been in the lifeblood of my family for generations, especially promoted amongst generations of brave women, who saw the value of education as an agent of change in the world. Not only am I formally educated in a variety of disciplines, including business and law, and hold a Masters in Psychotherapy and Spiritual Care from the University of Toronto, but I have a passion in educating others to bring about change in the world. I used my toolkit of resources learned through my life experiences and skills trainings to fully accept with compassion my intersectionality as a spiritually plural woman of colour. I continue to use and share my toolkit as I walk my own empowered path creatively, whole-heartedly, and authentically within the world. Grounded in my compassionate, authentic, and heart-centred core, I have facilitated meditation practices and lifelong learning groups for children, youth, and adults of diverse faiths and spiritualities, gender identities, sexual orientations and cultural populations at universities, community centres, spiritual centres and hospitals for over a decade.

As a foreign-born, settler Canadian whose South Asian ancestors were colonized, I am grateful to be living and working on Treaty 13 lands in Tkaronto [Toronto]. This place has been stewarded for thousands of years by many Indigenous peoples from across Turtle Island, who still call this place home today. As a treaty person and a person of faith, I strive to bring compassionate awareness, deep listening, and respectful dialogue to my work knowing that we are all interconnected and interdependent in this place.



Let's work together to co-create a path to your more empowered authentic self!